Conference Underway!

The International Conference on Eritrean Studies (ICES) (20-22 July 2016) was officially opened today in Asmara (Hotel Asmara Palace). The conference has been in preparation for more than a year. More than 130 papers clustered in around 30 themes will be presented. There will also be plenary lectures, poster presentations, ambassadors’ session. More than 70 of the papers will be presented by participants coming from abroad. Nearly 500 participants are expected to attend this three-day event.

The Conference in Pictures

  • Hotel Asmara Palace

    Official Conference venue.

  • Conference Underway!

    Colorful, diverse and attentive audience.

  • Official Abstract and Programme Books

    Official Abstract and Programme Books for ICES 2016 released. Excited!?

    Download Here
  • Keymote Speaker

    Keynote speaker Professor Asmarom Legesse talks about 50 yrs of Eritrean Studies.

  • Thoughts on Horn of Africa

    Thoughts on Horn of Africa presented on ICES 2016.

  • Condolences

    Our deep condolences go to the family of Dr. Samuel Mahaffy who was scheduled to present the first paper but sadly passed away on July 7, 2016.

ICES aims to revive scholarly discussions on Eritrea and sketch ways of strengthening academic interest and activities related to the country by engaging scholars from inside and outside Eritrea.  The event will offer an opportunity to scholars working on Eritrea to present their work to a larger academic gathering in Asmara. It will also provide a forum for local, Eritrean Diaspora, and international scholars to create and develop links with research and academic institutions and public stakeholders inside the country.

ICES is expected to lay foundations for a sustained commitment on the part of the different participants to Eritrean studies. Their involvement will allow Eritrean studies scholars to establish pan-African networks and connections, providing opportunities to raise issues and share experiences on the manifold challenges of development from different perspectives. A discussion will be held at the end of the conference to look for ways to sustain and institutionalize Eritrean studies.

Welcome to Asmara!